Fr. George Elavumkunnel

Date : 06/27/2020

Loving brethren of Manikkadavu, Wish You All Good Health and Peace. I am so grateful to you all for your care,love and consideration that you have been showering upon me all through the years. At this moment I recall the words of a great Indian philosopher who once said; NEITHER I WAS BORN NOR DIED HERE,JUST MADE A SHORT VISIT TO THE PLANET EARTH. Yes,my dear ones I am also on a journey to pursue the TRUTH and experience the spiritual wellness .In that journey I made a short and memorable visit to this land where I could enrich my spiritual wellness, perception and meaning of life . And I firmly believe I could share with you the light that I have found on this journey. Thank You all for being a kind host to me to make the visit a cherishing one. Let us tread together for the pursuit of TRUTH AND SPIRITUAL WELLNESS. Once again wish you all my heartfelt gratitude to your consideration and love. Stay Blessed ??? Fr. George Elavumkunnel

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